A Terrible Loss

September 15, 2015

Two men were gunned down yesterday.  The killer? A neighbor. The two men were Bill Issac and Dickie Stewart. My husband and I were discussing this horrific crime. He looked at me and said, “That wasn’t the Dickie Stewart we used to work with?”  It took me a minute or so to remember Dickie. I couldn’t believe it was him. I found his Facebook. It was the Dickie we knew 30+ years ago.

My prayers go out to the Issac and Stewart families. I can’t imagine the sorrow you are going through. I’m praying for the killer and his family. I can’t understand this senseless killing!



September 6, 2015

i went to see the sports medicine doctor and started physical therapy. I’m on a semi-release from therapy.  Not sure what’s causing my issues, but I will keep on with my exercises and see how things go.

Got some apples yesterday. I shared half of my apples with my MIL. I made a wonderful Caramel Apple Bundt Cake. It’s very good!

Life is normal and that’s a good thing. Work is so busy. I’m just trying to keep up with everything.